Who We Are

YELOW is a non-profit peer to peer advisory group that facilitates personal, leadership, and organizational development for entrepreneurs and business leaders that includes sharing of new ideas, solving specific challenges, and holding one another accountable to personal and professional goals

Mission and Principles

YELOW is governed by members who stand collectively in alignment around three core principles: 

Leading - Committed to leading our communities, peers, and organizations.
Learning - Dedicated to lifelong education and idea exchange. 
Lifting - We help others ideas thrive

Group Overview

YELOW members meet in person six times per year from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM followed by a dinner to:

Discuss our biggest leadership challenges and development opportunities
Get support, feedback, and peer coaching; learn how to expand our influence and impact
Present and learn new, out-of-the-box ideas
Bring in guests to help us learn about topics of interest; read and discuss relevant literature
Set personal goals and help others be accountable to their goals
Consider larger social and economic issues and what we can do together to address them

Subscription and Dues

The cost of YELOW membership is $1,200 annually and $500 initiation. Annual membership costs and initiation will go towards group facilitation, guest speakers and resources, and social activities. Financial statements will be open book for all YELOW members.

Member Qualifications

We’re looking for entrepreneurs, executives or business leaders between 20 and 45 that have a top leadership role in their organization, big vision, track record of success, interested in your own professional development and that of other and willing to invest time to show up for this group. If that sounds like you please visit yelow.us to apply or email info@yelow.us for more information.